Chetan Rana – A True Social Worker To Bring Change in Society

April 1, 2022

India is the birthplace of so many great personalities. The country has a background of glorious history. However, the picture is different today. There are so many financially deprived people that the lower strata of society have the maximum population. In this scenario, only a few people come forward and do something that can affect the lives of poor people. Chetan Rana is one of such people who think about others before they think about themselves. 

Chetan Rana Social Worker is not a name, it is an institute. And this institute of thought, policy, and encouragement is not affecting a limited number of people but also inspires the youth of the present time to come forward and do social work. He brings changes to the life of many people. Those people love the image of Chetan Rana Social Worker who has become a part of their life.   

Here are some examples of his social works that have a huge impact on the people.  

  1. Clothes Distribution: Chetan Rana distributes clothes in different regions. He organizes camps in the villages and slum areas and gives jackets, sweaters, and blankets in the winter. He has seen how the people suffer on the chilly night of Delhi NCR. He helps them to keep them warm. The thought of the suffering of those poor souls disturbs him very much. So, he arranges winter garments that will help them to save from the winter. He also looks after the newborn kids and old people who are most affected by the chilly winds. 

    Apart from winter garments, he also arranges clothes distribution camps all through the year. That’s why for many people Chetan Rana Youth Inspiration is not a name but the representative of the savior.  
  2. Food Distribution: Chetan Rana has done some inspiring work. One among them is the distribution of foods. He organizes weekly meal distribution where he maintains the nutrition factors as well. He makes sure that all the foods in his distribution center are fresh and full of food value. He prepares healthy lunch boxes for the kids and distributes them in different villages and slum areas. He remains socially active to find out the people who are looking for his help. He does this on a regular basis so that the people stay healthy. 
  3. Health Camp: The economically deprived people don’t get the chance to have treatment unless things are severe. Chetan Rana arranges monthly health camps to track the health of the people of those areas. He also distributes medicines and supplements in those camps. Many well-known doctors with different medical specializations attend the camp. Chetan Rana arranges the fund for these camps so that the needy people can get the treatment free of cost.
  4. Education: Chetan Rana believes that only education can change the fate of the people. He also believes that there are many gems hidden in the lower strata of society that are waiting for a helping hand. He helps bright students who want to continue their higher studies.    

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